Introducing Charlie… Paloma’s new playmate. ? Charlie is my husband’s horse… he’s a sweet, 15 year old Missouri Fox Trotter. Edited w/ Clean Color from the Retouch Set + Lens Blur Baby, Vintage Dusk, and White Haze from the Hazy Skies set.:)

Edited with the new Florabella Retouch & Makeover Photoshop Actions.


My pretty girl, super clean after her bath. Of course, just as we drove away from the farm, she rolled in the mud…:)Edited w/ the Classic Workflow set: Classic Color + Sable + Blue Ginger (and a bit of Vintage Wash on the grass).

Edited w/ B/W Film from Luxe II + “Vintage Screen” from Textures Set II (two layers: one on Overlay at 50% and one on Darken at 25%):)

Sweet Paloma

Sweet Paloma… We are boarding her out at her farm until our barn is built… and then I get to see her every morning when I wake up. She is a sweetie girl… {Edited with Classic Color + Blue Ginger, Soft Warmth & Sweet Tea all at low opacities}

Introducing Paloma

Introducing Paloma… officially now my sweet, beautiful (and talented as you can see) new horse. Being ridden here by the amazing Miss Sydney and photographed by Mark Walter Lehner (permission to post granted). I can’t wait to photograph her too! Isn’t she amazing? And seriously… the sweetest, most gentle soul. I love her…

In the mood for something a little grainy & moody… but this baby bull was SO cute! ?

Are you a city mouse or a country mouse? As I read that story to my daughter, I realized that I think I’ve become a country mouse… I love my new life in the country. Couldn’t resist pulling over to shoot this yesterday. ? Actions used: Classic Color + Sable, Soft Warmth & Modern Color {all from Classic Workflow}

Sasha’s First Pony Ride

So proud of our little Sasha! Sophie & Oliver had a riding lesson today on Lulu the pony. When asked if she wanted a ride, Sasha firmly proclaimed, “No. Me wait till me four!” A couple seconds later I lifted her up and sat her on Lulu anyway. She smiled the entire 5 minute walk.

This was from one of our tree’s first blooms back in California… I can’t wait for our dogwoods & cherry blossoms to bloom here! Should be soon? (processed with “Milk” from Luxe II)


Introducing Florabella’s newest model, beautiful Caroline. What a complete delight to work with, so sweet, and so beautiful! This photo was edited with Classic Workflow Photoshop Actions {Classic Color + Lavender Haze} and a few retouching actions from the new Retouch & Makeover set.

Sleeping Angel III

I couldn’t resist photographing her as she slept yesterday morning… she always looks like an angel to me.
{Actions used: Classic Color + Pastel Haze at 65% and Peach Haze at 17%…. then Rosy Lips & Cheeks from the Retouch set)

Goodbye, sweet boy…

When I posted the photo of the Friesian the other day, I know I said that Jimmy Jr. (aka Coco) had looked well on Sunday. He came right up to the fence to us that day, happily enjoyed us petting him and loved the apples we fed him. But yesterday morning, I returned his owner Allison’s call to hear her in tears. She hadn’t been able to get him up. It took an hour, but Jimmy was clearly in pain (his hind legs were so weak). Sasha and I went up to the barn and walked with Allison out to the field to field with apples and tiny blossoms that Sasha wanted to put in Jimmy’s bangs (ad she did). I knew the vet was coming this morning, but on the way to take the kids to school, we saw Jimmy in the front pasture as usual… eating grass while enjoying the sun. I wanted to stop to say hi & take his picture maybe one last time, but we were running late. 15 minutes later on the way back, he wasn’t there. My heart sank, and when Sasha sadly asked, “Where’s Toto?” the tears came. Allison just called to share that he went peacefully with his head in her lap. So goodbye sweet old boy… you will be missed by many…

I might be a horse person :)

I’m starting to really love horses… Jimmy Jr. is doing great, btw! He was out enjoying the beautiful sunshine but not in the best spot to photograph… This gentle giant though, seems to love the camera. I’m crazy about him… I think I might need a horse. Am I just plain crazy:)

Black Beauty…

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I think I love photographing horses… they are easier than kids and more fun than flowers. And I love this black beauty… {edited w/ Classic Color + Sable, Deep Azure and Blue Ginger). I think I’ll name my first horse Blue Ginger…:)

Sasha & “Toto”

Sasha loves “Toto” (Jimmy) so much… she was so excited to bring him some carrots… here she is walking toward him as he was getting up to greet us. Of course I then dropped the camera to go make sure she didn’t get too close without me… he can only really see shadows at this point. Anyway, this photo means a lot to me. I love that she loves him so much. We went to see him yesterday & again today, but he (hopefully) is up in his barn. Of course I can’t help but worry… It’s a beautiful sunny day, so we’ll look for him again this afternoon.

Oliver the Barn Cat

Meet Oliver… one of the barn cats up at Coco’s (Jimmy’s) barn. He’s such a lover… really a sweet sweet boy… so affectionate and friendly. It’s hard to get a photo of him because he’s always walking toward me (purring all the while). I love this one I was able to get though… doesn’t the light coming through the barn doors look like a cross? Such a special place…. I heard from a reader that this type of tabby with the M marking on his head is a very special type of kitty… the breed that is said to have been in the manger when baby Jesus was born. The “M” is supposed to stand for Mary…. I love that. (p.s. visited w/ Coco for a long while today!! More on that later) {processing is Classic Rich + Blue Ginger + Sable} ?

Jimmy Jr (Coco) in Trisha Yearwood’s “Trying to Love You” video

Just got off the phone with Jimmy Jr./Coco’s owner Allison. She was so touched to see all of the love and sweet comments about her sweet horse. She also shared with me that he appeared in a Trisha Yearwood music video galloping with some other horses… I cried as I watched it b/c I recognized him right away and had never seen him run before… beautiful video & song but special b/c of him. If you go here to her page, she just posted about it and you can watch him in the video. (Thanks Allison… for everything! We all love your Jimmy Jr.!)

Sweet Jimmy

Update on Coco (Jimmy Jr.): First I want to thank everyone again for the sweet words and beautiful stories on the photo & story I shared yesterday…. I cried reading all of them. When it stopped raining yesterday, we headed over to check on him, feed him carrots & to hopefully capture a shot of him “standing tall” as many suggested. When we got there, he was laying down way up on the hill. Of course I worried again, so I called his owner and got permission to hop the fence. He had been napping and was happy to see us and sat up to greet us. I got a cute picture of Sasha walking toward him w/ a carrot (I’ll post it later)… After visiting with him and feeding him carrots, we went to leave and he stood right up and started following us! It was then that I got this shot… I love that his barn was behind him, and he looks so handsome. Going to visit him again today… And already have plans for spring, we are going to make him a wreath of blossoms… precious old boy…

Old Jimmy Jr. (aka Coco)

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My heart broke a little yesterday… Since moving to TN in August, we have driven past this ranch every day on our way to and from home. While there are several horses, this old guy is always in the front & most visible. Day one, my kids named him Coco (although we’ve since learned his real name is Jimmy Jr.) Sasha calls him “ToTo” and loves him dearly. We’ve visited him (& the other horses, barn cats etc.) and fed him apples and carrots. Sasha cries for him if he’s in the barn and she can’t see him when we drive by. Anyway, yesterday I drove by and noticed he was sitting like this…. I’d never seen a horse sit like this before, so I thought I’d get a photo for Sasha. A few minutes later, his back legs started shaking, and he fell over into a lying position. He is very old, and I know most horses do not live to be 33 yrs old like he is. Crying, I ran up to the barn but couldn’t find anyone. Later I called his owner & luckily he did get back up. She said with a teary voice that she hopes he’ll live to enjoy one more summer up on his hill. Project 24 week 3 theme is “Mood or Emotion”…  {Photoshop actions used: Florabella Classic Color + Blue Ginger + Sable}

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day! xo

New Florabella Retouch & Makeover Photoshop Actions

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Florabella Retouch & Makeover Photoshop actions

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My baby with her baby….

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Florabella Swoon Photoshop Action

My sweet baby girl caring for her baby doll… she just loves her babies, and it’s the sweetest thing ever! Processed with the “Swoon” from Florabella Luxe II Photoshop Actions. Darling headband by Gracylu Originals…

I added Snow in Photoshop!

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