Here I ran Classsic B/W… then flattened… made a Background Copy, ran Rosy Cream at 50% and merged with the Background Copy. Then I desaturated that layer & adjusted it’s opacity to 50%. Rosy Cream (desaturated) makes a more low contrast, creamy effect. (Texture here is “Impressionista” from Textures Set III):)

Processed with Florabella Classic Workflow actions: Classic Color + Pastel Haze.


Edited with Florabella Classic Workflow Photoshop Actions: Classic Color + Blue Ginger + Rich Autumn


After posting the close-up of her braids, I wanted to share how elegant she really looks in them. (Those geldings in the background were going crazy over her!) I have 10 versions of this shot…. each with a different tail swish (I could watch her swish her tail for hours) ? Edited this with Blush from the Luxe II actions… it evened out all that green w/ a blush haze…:)

Sunshine Queen

My little sunshine queen. Huge difference w/ the before/after on this one…. Actions used: Classic Rich + Sweet Tea, Rosy Glow & Warm Color Pop (on multiply)…


The horizon in her deep, dark, sweet eyes. ? {Actions used: Clean Color, Whiten Whites & All-in-One Eyes from the new Retouch set}


My first time braiding Paloma’s mane. Kinda messy, but pretty to me. ? Edited with Clean Color + Whiten Whites + Sharpening brush from the Retouch & Makeover set:)

That face…

One of my faves of her… still deciding if I should order it in color or B/W… (I processed it in color first (Classic Color + Blue Ginger, Lavender Haze) then I just clicked Instant B/W + Sable at 25% on top to tone… ?

Pink Dogwood

Pink Dogwood blossoms edited with Classic Color + Soft Pink Haze + Modern Color (from Classic Workflow)

Sophie (the horse)

Sophie is Paloma’s new pasture mate. Full sun & I didn’t have time to move her or that tree, but I was happy to get this shot of her the first time she saw her new friend. Paloma’s at a new farm closer to home for a bit… it’s absolutely breathtaking! (quick, clean edit w/ Classic Color here).:)

My new favorite photo of Paloma… Edited with Florabella Classic Workflow Actions or Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Actions used were Classic Color and 1968.

A Real Princess Always Shares Her Crown

Edited with Florabella Photoshop actions: Classic Color + Add Some Drama. Then Rosy Lips & Cheeks and Yellow Out Brush on her hair (works wonders on brassy blonde hair) from the Retouch & Makeover Actions set.

Edited with Florabella Retouch & Makeover set only. Photoshop Actions used here were Clean Color, Yellow Out Brush, Whiten Whites, and Sharpen Brush.

Sasha & her chicken friend…

Edited with Florabella Classic Workflow Actions: Classic Color + Soft Warmth at 35% and Modern Color at 60%Edited with Classic Color + Soft Warmth + Rich Autumn (Florabella Classic Workflow Actions for Photoshop & PSE).

Processed with Florabella Classic Workflow Actions: Classic Color + Pastel Haze at 90% and 1968 at 30%

Processed with Classic Color + Soft Pink Haze Actions

Processed with Florabella Classic Workflow Photoshop Actions: Classic Film + Soft Pink Haze