Tiny Dancer II

Tiny dancer. ? Another one from our little shoot before her 1st ballet class… I love her sweet face…

Edited with the new Colorplay Actions: Clean Base + Sophie 60%, Hazy Haze 35% + Matte Toner at 20% (and a little Blush Brush on lips/cheeks).

My sweet girl started ballet today! Recipe here (Florabella Colorplay Photoshop Actions) is Clean Base + Sophie at 60% + Hazy Haze at 35% + Matte Toner at 20%

Reunited {my husband and my horse}

Reunited. ? It’s been 10 days since my husband fell while riding my sweet horse Paloma. While in the hospital with 5 broken ribs, he called me (in tears) worried about her… worried that she was upset and worried about him. Yesterday, the vet came to see Paloma, and Michael slowly walked out to the barn and into the stall next to her. She went right to him. He smiled at her and called her swe
etheart, and then she closed her eyes as if she was so relieved he was there and alright. They are so sweet together… I’m glad I had my camera and caught this moment…

As for the processing… super quick… Clean Base (with B/W turned on) from the Colorplay Actions set. No tweaks… then placed Light/Sunflare Overlay #17 on “Overlay” blending mode at 40%. The barn window as blown out (midday) so the soft light stream softened the image with just enough hazy light from the window. Sometimes a little goes a long way. Video tutorial on them here: http://www.florabellacollection.com/video-tutorial-light-and-sunflare-overlays.html And Thanks to everyone who has been concerned about m husband and Paloma… as you can see, both are recovering nicely.

My husband’s first horse accident & my daughter’s sweet heart

My husband took a bad fall off of my horse Paloma… as he lay on the ground not moving, Paloma stood by him for a long while before she finally ran back to get help. After a 911 call, an ambulance ride, and hospital stay, my husband is home in much pain with 5 broken ribs. Upon telling my daughter Sophie Lu about his broken ribs, she replied, “Oh, Mama… it’s a good thing he had those ribs. Otherwise, when he fell off Paloma he might have broken his heart. I’m so glad Daddy didn’t break his heart.” I am so so blessed… not only that my husband is alive, but also that I have the sweetest daughter and horse in the world. ?

3 yr old Ballet Class

Gotta love a 3 yr old Ballet class… I believe the instructor said, “Girls, please stay in 1st position while waiting your turn”. Of course my daughter Sasha is the smiley one hanging upside down from the bar.:)This photo cracks me up! Processed with Clean Base + B/W conversion (soft vintage tone turned on)… from the new Florabella Colorplay Actions.:)

My sleeping girl…

My little one is sick… poor thing… I left for a minute to get her some water, and this is how I found her when I got back (asleep on the bench at the end of my bed). ? Would you have grabbed your camera too?:)

(Edited with Clean Base + B/W Conversion (Soft Vintage Tone) from the Colorplay Actions Set) I also ran the Detail Brush action over the carved headboard a bit.:)


Edited with Matte Film as a base and Berry Wine, Sofbet and Wildheart at lowered opacities on top.:)

Ready for Autumn

Edited with Matte Film (as the base) + Sorbet, Wildheart, and Berry Wine at lowered opacities (all from the Colorplay Actions). Then used the Color Matte (Diptych Left) action & Vintage Paper overlay and Scotch Tape overlay (both on Screen blending mode) from the Design Kit. Check out the Color Matte Actions & Design Kit slideshow and video.:)

Processed with Clean Base + Brandy from the new Colorplay set.

My Magnolia Girl

Her smile is beautiful, but I also love her pout. ? Processed with the new Colorplay Actions (Clean Base + Alabaster + blush brush). I love the Blush Brush… not only can you use it on lips & cheeks but I use it to warm up greens…

Here is the B/W Version… Clean Base (B/W Blue Grey tone) + Ocean Air from the Colorplay set.

More examples from the new Colorplay Actions Set :)

Beautiful twins! Edited with Clean Base + Summer Peach + Sophie from the new Colorplay Actions.

My kitty Seymour… when he’s not in the sink, he’s next to it. ? And he especially likes Sasha’s pink bathroom.:)
Edited w/ the new Colorplay Actions (Clean Base + Ocean Air + Pink Honey) http://bit.ly/Colorplay

Actions also from the new Colorplay set: Clean Base + Summer peach.

Find the new Florabella Colorplay Photoshop Actions here.

B/W Vintage Film

The new Colorplay Actions set for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements includes a few bonus actions… this is B/W Vintage Film II (grain turned on – these actions are bonus for a short time only)… The set is really like 2 sets in one.. large and very versatile!

Colorplay Actions Video Tutorial #2

Editing demonstration from start to finish using the new Florabella Colorplay Actions. Also learn how to use the spot healing brush, healing brush and/or patch tool to remove skin blemishes and undereye cirlces in Photoshop.

For the PSE video click here: http://www.florabellacollection.com/video-tutorial-florabella-colorplay-actions-1.html

Flower adorned horses….

Because flowers aren’t just for eating. Our barn is almost done… just needs to be white washed… I’m so excited! Edited with Florabella Classic Color + Hazy Teal 15%, Soft Pink Haze at 30%, and Peach Haze at 15%

Pierre ♥

Okay, how am I supposed to get any work done with him purring in the chair next to me? He is so irresistible! ?

(recipe: Classic Color + Rosy Cream 40%, Pastel Haze 40%)

Florabella Actions – Classic Color + Blue Ginger + Sable + Pastel Haze

Love that smile. ♥ B/W Rich from Florabella Classic Workflow actions.

Nails by White Out. Actions by Florabella…:)

Florabella Actions: Classic Color + 1968 + Pastel Haze

B/W Film Action from Florabella Luxe II + Vintage Screen texture from Textures Set II. ♥