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Welcome to the Florabella Textures Video Workshop!  Your one year access term starts today.  Here is some basic information you might find helpful:

1.  At the top of the main workshop page, you will find 6 links to helpful tips and tricks documents.  Near the top of each page, there is a linkto the PDF which you can download and/or print.  The Challenges PDF contains optional challenges.  Feel free to post your work or ask questions on the Florabella Facebook Page.

2. Each of the 26 squares represents a video.  The top four are instructional videos which should be watched in order.  The rest are start to finish editing demonstrations.  Key concepts and tips will be reinforced throughout these videos.

3.  Should you wish to change or view your Account information, click HERE.

4.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email to florabellacollection@gmail.com

Thanks for purchasing the video workshop, and enjoy!:)