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Decorating for Christmas

Florabella Christmas DecorFlorabella Christmas Bedroom DecorFlorabella Himalayan Cat Christmas Decor
Himalayan Cat Florabella
For the first time ever, I decided to decorate for Christmas a little (aside from a Christmas tree and a wreath). I kept my room pretty simple… a pretty wreath on the armoire, some Christmas pillows and fur on the bed, a sparkly tinsel tree with lights on the nightstand, and some gently flocked greenery on the tufted headboard. All photos edited with Florabella Muse Photoshop Actions. Had to throw a couple of my Himalayan kitty Napoleon too. IF he looks guilty, perhaps that explains the downed Christmas tree.:)
Florabella Himalayan kitty Christmas Decor
This is actually an iPhone 5 photo I snapped of the other guilty kitty (The Muffin Man)… brought it into Photoshop and quickly ran the Matte Film Action from Colorplay (because why not make your iPhone photos look as good as possible?):)
Pink Little Girls Room Christmas Decor Florabella
I need to take more photos, but I decorated the kids’ rooms too. Here is Sasha’s little pink Christmas room. I surprised her.:)

Clover the kitten

Seriously… who does he think he is?? lol… I try to get work done, but then I look over and see him sitting in the chair like this! He is too cute for my own good! (and I can’t resist him, could you?)
(Actions used: Colorplay… Subtle Color (base) + Brownish 35% & French Blue 100%…. then the block of color on left & sheer white lace border from the Color Matte Actions & Design Kit ) ?


How can I get any work done with Clover purring in the chair right next to me? ? Edited with Florabella Colorplay Actions: Subtle Color + Flowerchild


Is it Spring yet?

Florabella Colorplay Photoshop Actions: Subtle Color (base) + Marigold & Buttercream

Tiny Dancer II

Tiny dancer. ? Another one from our little shoot before her 1st ballet class… I love her sweet face…

Edited with the new Colorplay Actions: Clean Base + Sophie 60%, Hazy Haze 35% + Matte Toner at 20% (and a little Blush Brush on lips/cheeks).

My sweet girl started ballet today! Recipe here (Florabella Colorplay Photoshop Actions) is Clean Base + Sophie at 60% + Hazy Haze at 35% + Matte Toner at 20%

My sleeping girl…

My little one is sick… poor thing… I left for a minute to get her some water, and this is how I found her when I got back (asleep on the bench at the end of my bed). ? Would you have grabbed your camera too?:)

(Edited with Clean Base + B/W Conversion (Soft Vintage Tone) from the Colorplay Actions Set) I also ran the Detail Brush action over the carved headboard a bit.:)

Pierre ♥

Okay, how am I supposed to get any work done with him purring in the chair next to me? He is so irresistible! ?

(recipe: Classic Color + Rosy Cream 40%, Pastel Haze 40%)

Classic Color + Peach Haze actions, then the Manhattan texture from Set III inverted (Control/Command I on the texture layer) on Overlay Blending mode at 65%… then hue & saturation adjustment.:)

So fun to create blocks of color & design with the new Color Matte Actions & Design Kit…

They call me Betty Cropper :)

Florabella Actions: Classic Color + Yellow Out Brush + Vintage Clouds overlay

Love how a good crop can entirely change the direction of an image. Florabella Actions: Classic Color + Yellow Out Brush + Vintage Clouds overlay