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Barn Light & Cat Glasses (lol)

I was having Sasha stand in to test the light in our barn loft, and I ended up loving this shot so much- just that little tilt of her head… her retro sunglasses & beach dress up in the barn. There’s something so wrong but so right about it!

Quick edit with the Classic Film action from Classic Workflow Photoshop Actions.

Spring Sunlight

Love her little flyaways in the sunlight… Edited with Colorplay Photoshop Actions: Subtle Color + Sweet Lilac and Soft Tones & Hazes

La La La La…

Sasha loves playing her little guitar and singing to her baby dolls… lol.:)Edited with Classic Workfow Actions: Classic Film (rosy & peach layers turned on) and Soft Pink Haze.

Kitty + Girl = Love {Florabella Photoshop Actions}

Kitty + Sasha = love. ? Two things I don’t do when I’m grief stricken (as I have been since my horse Willow died)…. I don’t drink, and I don’t shoot. But this morning, the kids were sitting at the breakfast bar, and the light was so pretty in my kitche… so I grabbed my camera and a couple vintage hats for the girls. I was trying to get a cute one of Sasha, but her best kitty friend Pierre stole the shot (so sweet)! Edited with Subtle Color + Buttercream + Blush Brush from Colorplay and 1968 from Classic Workflow Photoshop Actions )

Clover the kitten

Seriously… who does he think he is?? lol… I try to get work done, but then I look over and see him sitting in the chair like this! He is too cute for my own good! (and I can’t resist him, could you?)
(Actions used: Colorplay… Subtle Color (base) + Brownish 35% & French Blue 100%…. then the block of color on left & sheer white lace border from the Color Matte Actions & Design Kit ) ?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!! (Heart shaped glasses AND heart shaped lips on my sweetie!) Since it is the day of love… I must confess, ” I LOVE photographers!!” ? Thank you to all my beautiful, talented photographer friends out there for your love and support always!:)

Edit here: Color Block w/ border from the Color Matte set and Clean Base + Wildheart & Color Depth from the Colorplay Set: ?

Gorgeous Freckles!

What a sweetie she is… and I love her freckles! As a photographer, one of the greatest rewards is to know you’ve made someone feel special… During a beach shoot, my friend and her daughter (here) walked by. I grabbed her daughter, threw on some accessories and took a couple shots. I heard later that seeing her photo gave this little girl the confidence boost she needed… made me feel so good. Isn’t she a beauty? ? (posted before in B/W, but I think I prefer the color… edited with Classic Workflow actions: Classic Color + 1968 + Soft Pink Haze

Florabella B/W Photoshop Actions

I love her face… and I love freckles! (Edited with Subtle Color w/ B/W turned on… then a little drama with the Definition Palette… from the Colorplay set … then All in One Eyes from the Retouch / Makeover set)
This was processed in color first… then I converted to this B/W really quick with B/W Conversion & Tones from the Colorplay set… (so easy & convenient):)
Edited with Subtle Color (B/W turned on). All the main actions in Colorplay have a B/W option built in so it’s easy to compare b/w to color


My sweet, beautiful girl… I’ve never even trimmed her hair. It’s getting so long.:)Edited with Classic B/W from the Classic Worfklow Actions set.

Ethereal & Dreamy

My sweet girl at the beach… I was trying to get her to model a beautiful lace sash by Gracylu Originals, but she wanted to wear it on her head and be a queen instead. Silly girl… Colorplay actions here: Clean Base + Ethereal 100%, French Blue 74% & then Colorpop (to add a bit skintone safe color) at 20% & Blush Brush on lips, cheeks.

I love her lashes… Pretty lace sash (not meant for her head lol made by Gracylu Originals)

Edited with Colorplay Photoshop Actions: Clean Base +Ethereal, French Blue & Blush Brush

Her little horsey toy (pretty barn light)

When the light is right, the location doesn’t matter… Here, she’s sitting in the barn garage. Looked good in color, but I couldn’t stop myself from converting it b/c in my mind the B/W hid the not so pretty background.

I had wanted to photograph her on my horse wearing this fur vest, but she didn’t want to. So while we groomed the horses, she sat in the back near the barn garage and played with her little horse toy… I couldn’t help but snap this while she wasn’t looking. Edited with Colorplay Actions: Clean Base + Dramarama & a little Definition Palette:)

Teal & Red

I love red & teal together… ? Edited with the new Colorplay set only (including a little retouching & color correction)…

Sasha & Me

My baby girl & me… not sure if I prefer this in color or B/W. I cherish this photo though. Quick conversion to B/W on top of the already edited image. (B/W Conversion & Tones from the new Colorplay Photoshop Actions set).

Not sure what it is, but I love this photo so much… I caught her looking so serious & twirling her hair (which she does a lot!)… The lighting was awful & rather than taking the time to color correct, I just ran B/W Vintage Film which is one of the bonus actions from the Colorplay set… Seems to work great on hard to process images, and I think it created an interesting vintage quality to this that I love…

I see me in your eyes..

Do you get excited when you realize you’ve captured your reflection in your subject’s eyes? (I do!) And it’s much easier w/ large horse eyes and good barn light! ?

Editing here is the new Colorplay actions… here I used the Recipe Maker (so easy and fun)… this was a combo of: Clean Base + Peace 100%, Ocean Air 35%, Alabaster 25% and Berry Wine at 80%

Smiley Girl

Colorplay Actions: Clean Base + Summer Peach 50% & Ocean Air at 20% (then a little Blush Brush):)

Berry Wine

Recipe: Clean Base + Berry Wine, Sophie & Marigold. Then Blush Brush on lips, cheeks & detail brush on lashes (all from the new Florabella Colorplay Photoshop Actions Set (for PS and PSE))