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My sweet, beautiful girl… I’ve never even trimmed her hair. It’s getting so long.:)Edited with Classic B/W from the Classic Worfklow Actions set.

Sasha & Me

My baby girl & me… not sure if I prefer this in color or B/W. I cherish this photo though. Quick conversion to B/W on top of the already edited image. (B/W Conversion & Tones from the new Colorplay Photoshop Actions set).

Not sure what it is, but I love this photo so much… I caught her looking so serious & twirling her hair (which she does a lot!)… The lighting was awful & rather than taking the time to color correct, I just ran B/W Vintage Film which is one of the bonus actions from the Colorplay set… Seems to work great on hard to process images, and I think it created an interesting vintage quality to this that I love…

My sleeping girl…

My little one is sick… poor thing… I left for a minute to get her some water, and this is how I found her when I got back (asleep on the bench at the end of my bed). ? Would you have grabbed your camera too?:)

(Edited with Clean Base + B/W Conversion (Soft Vintage Tone) from the Colorplay Actions Set) I also ran the Detail Brush action over the carved headboard a bit.:)

B/W Vintage Film

The new Colorplay Actions set for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements includes a few bonus actions… this is B/W Vintage Film II (grain turned on – these actions are bonus for a short time only)… The set is really like 2 sets in one.. large and very versatile!

By the barn with her babydoll…

Feeling nostalgic today… this is a great little barn by our house. Love the look on Sasha’s face here… lol! processed w/ the Florabella B/W film action (vintage tone turned up) in the Luxe II set.

Florabella Classic B/W action with both tones turned on.

In the mood for something a little grainy & moody… but this baby bull was SO cute! ?