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Is it Spring yet?

Florabella Colorplay Photoshop Actions: Subtle Color (base) + Marigold & Buttercream

Cherry Blossoms

I love the Kwanzan Cherry Blossom Trees that grow here in Tennessee! Edited with Perfect Color + Ocean Air + Matte Toner from the Florabella Colorplay Actions set.


I love a pastel color palette… ?  Processed with Colorplay Actions: Matte Film (as the base) + Antique Pink & Ethereal….

When I need a creative boost, I shoot still life… if you haven’t tried it, you should! Flowers and fruit are so much easier than kids! ?

Edited with Colorplay Actions: Matte Film (as base) + Antique Pink + Ethereal (then I used Color Brush to boost the color of the fruit & bowls).:)

Florabella Actions: Classic Color + 1968 + Pastel Haze

Classic Color + Peach Haze actions, then the Manhattan texture from Set III inverted (Control/Command I on the texture layer) on Overlay Blending mode at 65%… then hue & saturation adjustment.:)

So fun to create blocks of color & design with the new Color Matte Actions & Design Kit…

Tennessee Dogwood Blossoms!

I love dogwood blossoms! Processed this with the B/W Film action w/ film grain turned on (from the Luxe II set).

Photoshop Actions used: Classic Color + Blue Ginger + Rich Autumn (all from the Classic Workflow set)

My funny kitty messing with the dogwood blossoms! Processed with Classic Color + Sable actions.:)

Processed with Florabella Classic Workflow actions: Classic Color + Pastel Haze.


Edited with Florabella Classic Workflow Photoshop Actions: Classic Color + Blue Ginger + Rich Autumn

Pink Dogwood

Pink Dogwood blossoms edited with Classic Color + Soft Pink Haze + Modern Color (from Classic Workflow)

This was from one of our tree’s first blooms back in California… I can’t wait for our dogwoods & cherry blossoms to bloom here! Should be soon? (processed with “Milk” from Luxe II)

Sterling Roses

Ginger Overlay (screen) 30%… New textures and actions coming soon!

R O S E S by Shana Rae

Processed with Florabella Vintage Photoshop Actions {Vintage Summer Action} and Florabella Textures