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Decorating for Christmas

Florabella Christmas DecorFlorabella Christmas Bedroom DecorFlorabella Himalayan Cat Christmas Decor
Himalayan Cat Florabella
For the first time ever, I decided to decorate for Christmas a little (aside from a Christmas tree and a wreath). I kept my room pretty simple… a pretty wreath on the armoire, some Christmas pillows and fur on the bed, a sparkly tinsel tree with lights on the nightstand, and some gently flocked greenery on the tufted headboard. All photos edited with Florabella Muse Photoshop Actions. Had to throw a couple of my Himalayan kitty Napoleon too. IF he looks guilty, perhaps that explains the downed Christmas tree.:)
Florabella Himalayan kitty Christmas Decor
This is actually an iPhone 5 photo I snapped of the other guilty kitty (The Muffin Man)… brought it into Photoshop and quickly ran the Matte Film Action from Colorplay (because why not make your iPhone photos look as good as possible?):)
Pink Little Girls Room Christmas Decor Florabella
I need to take more photos, but I decorated the kids’ rooms too. Here is Sasha’s little pink Christmas room. I surprised her.:)

The Barn is ready for Christmas!

Florabella Christmas Barn

My white washed barn decorated for Christmas (complete with my white horse, Misty):)My cards haven’t been ordered, and my shopping isn’t done. But my horse barn is decorated! Priorities, priorities.. Going to process and post more in the next couple of days. This was edited with the new Florabella Muse Actions: Low Contrast Color + Little Blue Secret which helped to tone the yellow light…

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Barn Light & Cat Glasses (lol)

I was having Sasha stand in to test the light in our barn loft, and I ended up loving this shot so much- just that little tilt of her head… her retro sunglasses & beach dress up in the barn. There’s something so wrong but so right about it!

Quick edit with the Classic Film action from Classic Workflow Photoshop Actions.

Summer at the Beach (Video)

We vacation at the beach every summer…  this year, I wanted my kids to have more than just photos to remember it by.  I’m not a videographer and don’t proclaim to be any sort of expert, but I’m very proud of this video for one reason:  it makes all of us smile.:)  My kids laugh and sing along as they watch, and I know they’ll enjoy it even more throughout the years.

The video was pretty easy to shoot…  I used my Nikon D800 with the 50mm 1.4G lens (the only lens I brought to the beach).  I handheld it most of the time-  my brother is a producer of a reality TV show and told me that “dirty video” is really in right now (lol), so I didn’t worry about shake. After All, many times I was laughing too hard to hold the camera super steady.:)  Then I used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit.  From start to finish, this video took me one week to make.

A few personal notes about the video:

1.  The very first part was the first footage I took.  It was important to keep this part because it was my kids’ first moments running out to the beach and they were so excited.  You can hear Sasha scream, “Freedom!!”  lol!

2.  Most of the footage was authentic and unstaged.  There were a few exceptions… for example, there is one part where Sophie opens the blinds (love that part).  I was lying in bed and she opened the blinds to see the beach.  I noticed the gorgeous light, grabbed my camera and asked her to do it again.  I’m glad I did that, because Sophie ended up doing that each morning:)

3.  The first draft of the video included only clips of the kids.  Then I realized that I’d likely regret that one day, and that it was important for my husband and I to be in the video too.  I know my kids will cherish having video footage of us one day.  So special thanks to my mom and my husband for filming those parts.

4.   There is a clip with Sasha in a pink dress on the beach. I kept the sound because what she said was so cute, “Who’s photographing me?  Ohhhh It’s my MOM!!” :)

5.  I also left the sound in the clip of the kids goofing around inside.  You can hear me laughing at the end.  I want my kids to know how much they made me laugh…

6. Special thanks to Colbie Caillat for allowing me to license “Brighter than the Sun” which was the perfect song for this video.

7.  My VERY favorite part of the entire video is the part with Sophie holding the shell, and when I pan up to her happy proud face, the lyrics are, ” ’cause your so damn beautiful”.  We were looking for two things on the beach: shells/rocks shaped like hearts, and shells with holes so we could make necklaces.  Sophie actually found this shell with a heart shaped hole!  I cry every time during this part of the video.   (If you have a favorite part, I’d love to know what it is…  )

I don’t accept comments on this blog, but I’m happy to answer questions if you leave one in a comment  on the post about the video on the Florabella Facebook page.  Again, I’m not an expert and still learning, but I’m happy to share about my experience making this video because it was so rewarding (I’d challenge everyone to make one this summer – you won’t regret it)!  Since the point is to make something fun and special, it really doesn’t matter what you shoot it with…  in fact, I think I’ll try using my iPhone for my next video.  And you can even edit it using iMovie on your iPad.  The point is, to just do it.:)

So here it is….

La La La La…

Sasha loves playing her little guitar and singing to her baby dolls… lol.:)Edited with Classic Workfow Actions: Classic Film (rosy & peach layers turned on) and Soft Pink Haze.

Kitty + Girl = Love {Florabella Photoshop Actions}

Kitty + Sasha = love. ? Two things I don’t do when I’m grief stricken (as I have been since my horse Willow died)…. I don’t drink, and I don’t shoot. But this morning, the kids were sitting at the breakfast bar, and the light was so pretty in my kitche… so I grabbed my camera and a couple vintage hats for the girls. I was trying to get a cute one of Sasha, but her best kitty friend Pierre stole the shot (so sweet)! Edited with Subtle Color + Buttercream + Blush Brush from Colorplay and 1968 from Classic Workflow Photoshop Actions )

Velvet Willow 1995 – 2013

It has been one week since Willow died, and I have cried rivers. I miss her so much… I will continue to write our story on the Velvet Willow blog. Thank you to everyone for all of the emails, prayers, and love during this sorrowful time…

Clover the kitten

Seriously… who does he think he is?? lol… I try to get work done, but then I look over and see him sitting in the chair like this! He is too cute for my own good! (and I can’t resist him, could you?)
(Actions used: Colorplay… Subtle Color (base) + Brownish 35% & French Blue 100%…. then the block of color on left & sheer white lace border from the Color Matte Actions & Design Kit ) ?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!! (Heart shaped glasses AND heart shaped lips on my sweetie!) Since it is the day of love… I must confess, ” I LOVE photographers!!” ? Thank you to all my beautiful, talented photographer friends out there for your love and support always!:)

Edit here: Color Block w/ border from the Color Matte set and Clean Base + Wildheart & Color Depth from the Colorplay Set: ?

Gorgeous Freckles!

What a sweetie she is… and I love her freckles! As a photographer, one of the greatest rewards is to know you’ve made someone feel special… During a beach shoot, my friend and her daughter (here) walked by. I grabbed her daughter, threw on some accessories and took a couple shots. I heard later that seeing her photo gave this little girl the confidence boost she needed… made me feel so good. Isn’t she a beauty? ? (posted before in B/W, but I think I prefer the color… edited with Classic Workflow actions: Classic Color + 1968 + Soft Pink Haze

Is it Spring yet?

Florabella Colorplay Photoshop Actions: Subtle Color (base) + Marigold & Buttercream

Florabella B/W Photoshop Actions

I love her face… and I love freckles! (Edited with Subtle Color w/ B/W turned on… then a little drama with the Definition Palette… from the Colorplay set … then All in One Eyes from the Retouch / Makeover set)
This was processed in color first… then I converted to this B/W really quick with B/W Conversion & Tones from the Colorplay set… (so easy & convenient):)
Edited with Subtle Color (B/W turned on). All the main actions in Colorplay have a B/W option built in so it’s easy to compare b/w to color


My sweet, beautiful girl… I’ve never even trimmed her hair. It’s getting so long.:)Edited with Classic B/W from the Classic Worfklow Actions set.