Reunited {my husband and my horse}

Reunited. ? It’s been 10 days since my husband fell while riding my sweet horse Paloma. While in the hospital with 5 broken ribs, he called me (in tears) worried about her… worried that she was upset and worried about him. Yesterday, the vet came to see Paloma, and Michael slowly walked out to the barn and into the stall next to her. She went right to him. He smiled at her and called her swe
etheart, and then she closed her eyes as if she was so relieved he was there and alright. They are so sweet together… I’m glad I had my camera and caught this moment…

As for the processing… super quick… Clean Base (with B/W turned on) from the Colorplay Actions set. No tweaks… then placed Light/Sunflare Overlay #17 on “Overlay” blending mode at 40%. The barn window as blown out (midday) so the soft light stream softened the image with just enough hazy light from the window. Sometimes a little goes a long way. Video tutorial on them here: And Thanks to everyone who has been concerned about m husband and Paloma… as you can see, both are recovering nicely.