Old Jimmy Jr. (aka Coco)

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My heart broke a little yesterday… Since moving to TN in August, we have driven past this ranch every day on our way to and from home. While there are several horses, this old guy is always in the front & most visible. Day one, my kids named him Coco (although we’ve since learned his real name is Jimmy Jr.) Sasha calls him “ToTo” and loves him dearly. We’ve visited him (& the other horses, barn cats etc.) and fed him apples and carrots. Sasha cries for him if he’s in the barn and she can’t see him when we drive by. Anyway, yesterday I drove by and noticed he was sitting like this…. I’d never seen a horse sit like this before, so I thought I’d get a photo for Sasha. A few minutes later, his back legs started shaking, and he fell over into a lying position. He is very old, and I know most horses do not live to be 33 yrs old like he is. Crying, I ran up to the barn but couldn’t find anyone. Later I called his owner & luckily he did get back up. She said with a teary voice that she hopes he’ll live to enjoy one more summer up on his hill. Project 24 week 3 theme is “Mood or Emotion”…  {Photoshop actions used: Florabella Classic Color + Blue Ginger + Sable}